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Historic Mixed-Use Development located in the heart of downtown Edmond. The Icehouse Project will feature local restaurants, a venue space and an urban farm. With outdoor patio seating, incredible edible landscaping, fantastic food and drinks—The Icehouse Project will be a place for everyone.

The Icehouse Project in Edmond

The original community hub of Edmond is back

The historic Icehouse building and associated land in Edmond is making its long-awaited comeback in the form of a unique restaurant development. Residents have driven by this historic building on 2nd street and all wondered, at some time or another, what will be done with the building and land. Following the direction of the original Icehouse, this new development, thoughtfully named “The Icehouse Project”, will be a community hub for all people, near and far, to come and enjoy top-notch food and drinks with their friends and family. The development will consist of 6-7 different food and drink concepts emphasizing high-quality, farm-to-table type experiences. Every restaurant tenant is a pioneer of the new, pushing the boundaries of taste and food experience; yet every concept also honors the time-tested and beloved style of food we all love and grew up eating.

Spring 2021

Project Renderings



103 - 129 West 2nd St.
Edmond, OK

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