The Icehouse name pays homage to its roots as Edmond Ice Co., built in 1909, with an additional creamery added in 1921. While parts of the historic site no longer exist, the creamery still stands and officially was designated as part of the National Register of Historic Places in 2017. The historic stables, which used to load horses with ice for delivery and now serves as an intimate private event space, also remains.

In addition to the historic structures, there are three 50-year-old original metal buildings laid out in such a way that the Icehouse team decided a courtyard would be a great fit for that space. That approach allows tenants American Solera, Woodward Pizza, The Creamery at the Icehouse, and The Fried Taco to provide a place for families and friends to gather and linger, not just grab and go.

The Icehouse Project serves as a place where families, foodies and friends can all meet – and get what they’re craving.


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Edmond Icehouse Project – 125 W. 2nd Street